Why Breakfast Is So Important for our overall health!

Breakfast the most important meal of the day, yet the one gets overlooked at the most.

Studies show that an empty stomach lowers your metabolic rate and slows down your digestive system. The result is a dip in energy levels.

This is the point where people crave carbohydrate foods like: pastries, bagels and  fried foods. All of these seem to be carbs because our bodies crave carbs for the quick energy they provide. This is because our sugar levels have dropped and our pancreas realizes our blood needs more sugar.

For someone who doesn’t eat properly or regularly, this cycle continues throughout the day. These erratic up and down cycles are a huge strain on our systems, our bodies become accustomed to quick energy sources and automatically store food “in case another low comes around” and before we know it, the weight begins to pile on which is where obesity and diabetes come to play.

So how does this relate to your digestive system?

Well lets just say you dont want your body to go into starvation mood which can put you off balance for the rest of the day and lets not forget that fact that it can make you gain weight!

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